Products is an exclusive partner for Bulgaria of the french company Ophrys Systems. Ophrys is specialized in manufacturing of audio guide devices and information technologies for museums and cultural sites. It offers a wide variety of solutions in the field of audio guides and has over 100000 units installed in over 1000 locations worldwide and from 2012 in cooperation with also in Bulgaria.
Orpheo Mikro
The latest product from Orphoe - Mikro is now available for the Bulgarian market. Mikro has enhanced design, smaller in size and it is very affordable. It comes with 1, 2 or 4GB capacity and as it is MP3 compatible you can easily upload all the tour information you require.
Orpheo Mini Oled
This audioguide device is what takes you around the points of interest in every sight. It is light and handy and stores the whole prerecorded tour. It is MP3 compatible so you can store an enourmous amount of audio information in many languages. This product also features color LED display.
Orpheo TG
The Orpheo TG product is device helping the prevention of background noise in all tours in cities.
It is also very useful aid in every museum or gallery, which hosts bigger than 20 persons groups at the same time.
Thanks to the innovative technologies of Ophrys systems in addition we can offer our clients the possibility of using applications for iPhone and Android.